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The Applied Physics Department at Institute of Technology, Korba, occupies a prime position in the academic scenario of the institute. It is one of the handful of departments whose courses are taken by all undergraduates in the Institute. The main purpose of teaching physics to engineering students is to equip them with an understanding of the "Scientific Method", so that they may use the training beneficially in their higher pursuits.

The department is well equipped with modern experimental kits and facilities for general physics lab and optics lab. Major facilities in the department laboratory are Spectrometer with grating, Fresnel Biprism, Nodal slide assembly, Newton's ring apparatus etc. are available for use in regular class course work.

Excellence in teaching has been the hallmark of our department ever since its inception.


  1.            To impart quality education to the student and to let them feel that physics is the father of all science and engineering.

  2.         To transform youth into committed technical person for the social and economic well being of the nation.




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